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Yoni Nova

Detox Starter Kit

Detox Starter Kit

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Our yoni detox pearls are hand made from 100% Organic and Natural herbs, we also only use medical grade gauze to wrap our pearls to prevent irritation or scratching during use. 

All of our pearls are made in California, and are the most potent pearls available. Our pearls have produced results for countless women.

Our pearls are the most potent pearls available on the market.

This kit comes with 3 pearls, 3 pearl applicators and an instructional brochure.

No pesticides or chemicals are used in the cultivation of any of the herbs we use in our pearls.  Even if you decide not to purchased your Yoni Pearls from us, please verify with anyone that you plan to purchase Yoni Pearls from, that no chemicals are used in their products as you can damage your Yoni by exposing it to unknown chemicals and herbs that should never be inserted into your delicate feminine parts.


Our Yoni Nova Pearl Applicator should be used to help you insert your Yoni Pearls, unless you are an expert.

The applicator has been created to fit the pearl perfectly, to allow you to properly insert your pearl into your Yoni correctly the first time (sort of like a tampon).

All Yoni Pearl Applicators come individually wrapped to ensure cleanliness.

Note:  Our Yoni Pearl Applicators are made from plastic and are not organic.

Our Organic Ingredients:

Medical Grade Gauze (made from pure Organic Cotton) and 100% Cotton Twine (string).

Cnidium Monnieri

Stemona Root

Fructus Kochiae Scopariae


Don Quai (Angelica Sinensis Female ginseng)

Lovage (Rhizoma)


All of our Yoni Pearls are sealed in sterile packaging and come with instructions on how to use them.

We can not and do not make guarantees on curing any disease or ailment.


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Rachael R.
Fast shipping

Everything came in at once. Was worried at first but it came fast. Now to figure out which to use first.

Tonya R.

Detox Starter Kit

Toya T.
OMG This stuff works!!!

I scared to use it after reading all the crazy reviews and doctors opinions. So I just started with 1 pearl for 24 hours, it was easy to insert and I didn't feel it afterwards. I didn't feel no burning or tingling so I didn't think it was go do much so after 24 hours I took it out. I proceeded to take a shower and when I got out something told me to take a look of the inside of my yoni so I got a mirror and was scared af my yoni walls was peeling it had a white layer coating my cervix. I didn't feel different no burning or discharge nothing. The next day I felt mild cramps and mid afternoon I started to see the discharge and the white layers come out it finally came all out in the toilet and my yoni is back. I was very skeptical and scared to use the pearls but it did what everyone says it do. Now I'm go wait a few more days and see what hubby have to say lol.

Jaela W.
The freaking best

I only use one pearl and it was amazing, it had my ph balance on track, it wasn’t hard to put in, I love whatever is in the pearl it smells so good, YONI NOVA IS THE BEST TO EVER DO IT

Lakelia W.
1st timer

I was so amazed at what came out of me just with the 1st pearl ‼️ A doctor could neva lbvfs....besides not being too successful with the applicators I'm excited to be on this detox journey ty Yoni Nova💕🫶🏾